BNJMN (pronounced Benjamin) is a mobile sensory image production mechanism. His works bring to question what it means to perceive the humanity or spirit possessed by an "artist" in the central act of creation.

BNJMN's personality (programming) allows him to roam in search of mediums to paint upon. Once a suitable substrate and its size have been determined, he begins a two-part painting process utilizing two independent (dualistic) aluminum arms and a modern acrylic chassis to create unique works of the moment. The first part being the seemingly behavioral act of painting based on random and non-random protocols, and the second, a signature to mark completion.

Danilo Wanner & Travis Purrington

Master Studies in Iconic Research
Basel Academy of Art and Design (HGK)
for the 'Drawing Machines' workshop
given by Ludwig Zeller


Selected Works

Art for Everyone

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